Vacuuming — it’s a real chore sometimes. It’s one of those necessary evils that you love and hate doing at the same time because the post-vacuum satisfaction is indescribable. It’s a fact that we all have to admit to ourselves, we need to vacuum and not just with any vacuum—we need one that can truly get the job done, or else what’s the point? Our previous blogs discussed the frequency of vacuuming and how to choose the best canister vacuum suited to your lifestyle. Now, we’ll explain why the investment of a reliable, quality vacuum cleaner is totally worth the money. You’ll thank us later.

The vacuum cleaner industry is overly saturated right now with brands that are claiming to be the best. With vacuum cleaners priced upwards of $400, we certainly expect them to do their job. Truth be told, there are plenty of vacuum cleaners that are just not living up to their price tag. We encourage you to read through several reviews of the household appliances you are thinking about purchasing, just as you would research consumer reviews of a new vehicle you have your eye on. To reiterate, a quality vacuum cleaner is an investment, according to the 2016 Consumer Report, our Miele Complete C3 Marin ranked first place. It beat out brands commonly found in big-box stores known for their other household appliances, with just as high price tags. The difference between Miele and those other brands is Miele has been the leading vacuum innovator since 1927. Their focus is primarily floorcare, kitchen, and laundry appliances. It is safe to say that they know what they’re doing and can justify their asking price very easily.

Unfortunately, some consumers have a skewed opinion of hefty-priced vacuums and have fallen for the pitch of those pesky door-to-door salesmen. Why? We don’t know. After re-reading through the 2016 Consumer Report, only one of these vacuums ranked in the top ten. Another brand that ranked just one position after the door-to-door brand only cost a tenth of their price. And no other vacuum cleaner by this overly-priced brand ranked anywhere in the top 25 positions. So the moral of this story is: don’t fall victim to the bothersome and always poorly timed door-to-door salesmen. Thank goodness you read this article, right?

As you might have noticed through our selection of Miele vacuum cleaners, the prices vary, and that’s the very reason we love Miele vacuums so much. Their entire philosophy is to offer products to consumers that set the standards of durability and performance with a long-term planning strategy to maintain the value and consistent reliability. Pretty smart of them, huh? Miele is a company that is truly committed to every aspect of their market. Miele understands that the price point for their consumers vary, and they have made it a point to make their products available to anyone, at any budget. Again, this fits directly into their philosophy of being the most favored brand in all relevant markets.

You get what you pay for is an old saying that used to scare buyers into believing that a pricey product means it must be good. And while we still want to believe that this is true, it’s not in all cases. As your trusted local vacuum experts, we want you to buy smart. Take time reviewing products and testimonials before you simply hand over your credit card.

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