The Miele is known to be one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. Alongside Panasonic, it has one of the least troubling motors and longest life expectancies, according to a recent 2016 Consumer Report.

Like with any good brand, there isn’t just one vacuum to buy and be done. There are many different styles and features that make up the different models of Miele vacuums, ranging from upright to canister that all have loads of different attributes to make each one unique.

How are you ever supposed to know which vacuum is the best for you?

What really sets CoVac apart from our competition is our compare feature on the website. It allows shoppers to click on different models of vacuums to look at the key features side by side. Other competition tends to use a spreadsheet to list all of the makes and models next to each other, which can make it difficult to do thorough research.

Through this comparison tool, you can quickly look at different models of Miele vacuums. Narrow down which features are important to you and go from there. By process of elimination, you will find the right Miele vacuum. Or you may stumble upon the right one immediately, in which case we forgive you for not checking out the compare feature since we’re so thrilled you found your new favorite cleaning tool.

If you aren’t so lucky as to hit a home run with your first glance, follow this guide to help you find the best Miele vacuum for you. As always, you can rely on us here at CoVac to answer any questions that may help point you in the right direction.

Start With Style


The canister vacuum cleaner is a Miele favorite. This is the style of vacuum that got them started many, many years ago. The motor, filter, and bag are located in a unit separate from the handle and brush, which makes maneuvering the brush easier and lighter. Canister vacuums of today are not the same heavy, clunky models of yesteryear.


The upright model takes the same great technology we know and love about the canister style and puts it together with the handle and brush. This unit is streamlined and stores very easily. Many models of the upright vacuum have a swivel head, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Move Into Functionality


The simpler models are ones that clean efficiently on low pile carpet, area rugs, and hardwood or smooth floors. They are lightweight and compact, but still pack the powerful motor and stamina Miele is known for.

Various Surfaces

Take it up a level to clean different types of surfaces. Additional functionality for vacuums means these nicer models are able to efficiently clean low pile carpet, area rugs, medium pile carpet, deep/plush carpet, and hardwood or smooth floors. If you have a home with a variety of flooring types, we recommend selecting a vacuum that is capable of cleaning at different heights.

Pet Hair and Allergen Ready

Some of the best Miele vacuums have added technology and better filters to account for additional allergens or pet hair cleanup. The nicest Miele models eliminate pet odors, efficiently clean up pet hair, and collect dust and particles that cause allergies. More than that, the bags are thicker to keep all of the dirt inside the bag instead of in the vacuum unit itself.

Finalize With Features

You can really step up your vacuum game with additional features to make cleaning easier and more effective. Altogether, these features are not necessary, but they can sure make a difference.

Integrated Tools

A mini turbo brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush with natural bristles are a few tools that could make cleaning around your home easier. With everything together on one unit, you only have to use the vacuum to take care of every aspect of your floors, stairs, and baseboards.

Large Capacity Bag

An extra-large bag means more vacuum sessions between bag changes. That means emptying the bag less frequently (which can save you from exposing your home to the allergens less often during fewer bag dumps) and more money in your pocket (since you won’t have to change the bag as often).

Odor Control

People and pets alike leave behind quite the scent trail. Some models include an active charcoal filter that maximizes odor control. Charcoal is a well-known, non-toxic odor remover that naturally absorbs the particles that leave behind foul smells.

Automatic Suction

The vacuum is designed in a way that engages the suction valves for the portion of the vacuum currently bearing the load. For example, if you are vacuuming the border between carpet and hardwood floors, the vacuum can sense that the carpet is at a higher level, so it engages the suction in that area only.


Miele vacuums come with more bells and whistles than we could possibly name in this one guide. That’s part of the fun of getting a new vacuum! It is best to narrow down your vacuum selections to just a few before diving into the deep details to really make a decision. Each vacuum description has the fine print identified, which can help you select the model that will spend the next decade taking care of your floors.

Enjoy Free Shipping

Our online store offers free shipping on all Miele vacuums. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can kick back and wait for your new investment to ship to you – free of charge.

About CoVac Vacuums

CoVac Vacuums is a local mom and pop shop in Glen Cove, NY, that has been selling and servicing vacuums since FDR was president. While our local shop will happily service any and all models of vacuums, we sell Miele exclusively online through our digital store that we call Attractive Vac.

Since 1942, we have been helping people find the right vacuum for your family, your home, and your budget.

Miele Experts

We are the Top Rated National® Miele Experts because we are passionate about the technology behind a Miele vacuum. We sell Miele because they offer one of the best products on the market, and we like to offer our customers only the best. There are some things about Miele on which you can always rely:

  • Above par with vacuum technology and innovation
  • Ergonomic features
  • Airtight vacuum housing
  • Superior bags
  • Multi-level HEPA filters
  • Whisper-quiet operations
  • Exceptional durability
  • International reputation for reliability
  • Average life expectancy of 20 years

So, again, which Miele vacuum is right for you?

Start shopping now to find out.