Vacuuming is so much more than monotonously going back and forth until you think that the entire floor has been covered. That’s just the basics of vacuuming. Attractive Vac has a passion for clean carpets, and we are experts when it comes to an efficient vacuum routine. We have compiled a list of useful tips and innovative tricks that we want to share with you. If vacuuming isn’t a part of your regular weekly routine, it might after you read our helpful tips.

  • When was the last time you looked underneath your vacuum at its roller brush? You might want to check it soon. The roller brush is the component of the vacuum that picks up debris and combs through carpet strands. It’s easy for hair, string, and whatever else to get tangled within the roller brush. Over time, as the brush collects those particles, it causes the vacuum cleaner to become relatively insufficient. Rest assured, there is no need to yank, pull or tug at the matted mess. The solution? Simple—a seam ripper. It’s typically found in any basic sewing kit and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Your vacuum will be running so much better.
  • Have you ever walked into your home and been greeted by some strange odor? You took the trash out, you’ve double checked the bathrooms, there isn’t any leftover food out on the countertop, so where in the world is that smell coming from? Perhaps it’s your carpet. All you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda over the area, let it sit for several minutes and then run your vacuum over it. To enhance the room’s freshness, add a few drops of essential oils with the baking soda for a clean scent.
  • Okay—so maybe the smell wasn’t your carpet, but the vacuum cleaner itself. It happens! Dust, dirt, and debris all trapped in a bag and the little crevices of the vacuum cleaner, overtime omits an odor. The stench is so bad sometimes; you don’t even want to vacuum. Before you avoid it altogether or get rid of a perfectly good vacuum, try using a dryer sheet. Simply insert the dryer sheet in the hole where the bag attaches to the vacuum.
  • Crevices, nooks, corners, and the tiniest of spaces are all a neat freak’s most frustrating areas to clean. Vacuum tubes are never small enough to reach the hard-to-get places, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore those spots and move on. Instead, try attaching a toilet paper roll around the end of the tube. It is flexible enough to squeeze into tight areas like window and glass door frames.
  • Have you recently moved into a new home, or rearranged your furniture? If so, you’re probably dealing with those unsightly carpet indentations and hoping the carpet reshapes itself soon. People tend to grab the vacuum cleaner in hopes that the suction will just lift the strands back to life. Unfortunately, top vacuum cleaners like the Miele Complete C models can’t resolve the smushed down carpet. At least not on its own. With the help of some decently sized ice cubes (and patience) and place the cubes directly on the furniture indentations. Let the ice cubes melt throughout the day, blot up the wet spots and fluff the remaining indentions with a fork.

We hope you have found these tips useful. The best part is each of these handy tricks could be used with any vacuum of any make or model, so no neat-freak is left behind. By implementing these small vacuum hacks with the best upright or canister vacuums, you can expect to accomplish the best clean you have seen in a long time. Be sure to shop our online selection of Miele vacuums and make your way to a fresher, cleaner home today!